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Our Business Philosophy

Our Mission is To:

  • Develop a proprietary fuel cell technology platform for cleaner, more fuel efficient, energy solutions which are controlled by the end user
  • Demonstrate high value, end-to-end energy solutions using low cost, modular, kilowatt scale, fuel cell systems
  • Channel these solutions to end users in global markets with strategic partners through a hub and spoke model
  • Contribute niche leadership to build a new distributed generation industry.

TMI Business Model

TMI is using the classic hub-and-spoke business model for commercializing innovative technologies that leapfrog traditional approaches.  This model allows TMI to maintain focus on improving and expanding the core technology platform at the hub while working with experienced channel partners to identify and access markets which they dominate and where the AE system platform enables energy solutions with an extremely high value proposition.

Multiple Market Applications and Returns

TMI’s most significant accomplishment to date has been execution of its platform technology strategy.  The AE system is a single platform, capable of being manufactured in large volumes from a standardized facility as a complete system or as an OEM component.  This allows investments to be concentrated and provide returns over and over.

End-to-end solutions can stand-alone, augment existing asset investments (e.g., solar or wind) or be integrated with branded products tailored for different vertical market sectors (e.g., HVAC, military systems, water, and sanitation).  The unchanging common platform minimizes the product engineering to modify the system for different end-user requirements.

Licensing and Partnerships

The unique, feature-rich platform at the heart of the AE system is designed for automated, high volume, low-cost manufacture using available equipment. The broad AE platform is integral to a licensing model which enhances branded products distributed by strategic channel partners into multiple markets.

By using an “AE-Inside”-like brand, TMI intends to spotlight and reinforce market awareness of the advanced features found in no other kilowatt scale power generation products. Building and showcasing the “AE Inside” brand as a bottom-up pathway for end users to reach energy independence will complement top-down strategies used by others to educate the public, while exploiting the breadth of AE’s multiple market opportunities.  

Selection of channel partners in strategic markets is key to TMI’s licensing/partnership strategy.  Preferred characteristics of a channel partner include having a dominant market leadership position in a market niche targeted by TMI, and relevant, established manufacturing, marketing, sales, service, and/or maintenance capacities. These synergies will shorten the time required for growth as well as minimize capital requirements. The ideal partnership would be a close collaboration based on shared strategic objectives, a technical culture receptive to cutting edge product designs and technology development, and priority access to capital for growth. 

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