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TMI's Design Focus

TMI has designed and engineered a different type of technology platform than other fuel cell systems developers.  Instead of focusing on a single product for a specific market, cell performance independent of systems, or reformation of a specific fuel, TMI’s unwavering focus was on a robust platform suitable for multiple products at the more difficult low kilowatt scale, operating on many fuels interchangeably, performance measured by low cost over the entire product life cycle, and using complete, stand-alone  systems in public venues to gain feedback from potential customers.

Optimized at the one-kilowatt scale, TMI has demonstrated its 1kW basic system operating in a multiple module configuration (2005) and multi-fuel operations (2004, 2006, 2008, and 2012). These achievements place TMI among a dozen or so companies in the world who have successfully operated complete kilowatt class fuel cell systems outside the laboratory on common fuels.  TMI’s core technology is supported by patents, trade secrets, and know-how.

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